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Management team training and development of management team

Management team coaching: growing into your role as an effective leader.

Our complex professional lives require a new kind of leadership. A visionary vantage point needed to understand a challenging future, the ability to have one's troops look in the same direction, the ability to seek new solutions – and the courage to admit that you just don't know everything. Nowadays, managers also need better listening skills to hear out both their clients and members of their staff. Beating around the bush and sweeping things under the rug didn’t work before – nor do they work now.


Committed long-term development

Erillisverkot / Timo Lehtimäki

Strengthening the co-operation of the Executive Management Team: together we are more!

Kamux / Juha Kalliokoski

Developing the management group

Telia / Valdur Laid

Different people facing in the management group

Fazer / Tom Lindblad

Success calls for open-minded leadership

Microsoft / Ari Rahkonen

Developing the management group

Fujitsu / Marko Savolainen

Development is a process

Novartis / Antti Viitanen

Developing the leadership skills boosted Orion's financial performance

Orion / Jukka Viinanen

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