Self Leaders are experts in digitally facilitating large-scale self-leadership programs.

At Self Leaders, we specialize in creating a strong culture where everyone sees themselves as a leader. We believe that leadership develops in many different contexts, starting within yourself! Reflecting on personal values, seeking other perspectives, and activating yourself are all necessary for cultivating a better sense of self, which will allow you to influence others in a positive, shared direction.
We are passionate about people and organizations, offering the competence and necessary tools to bridge individuals’ personal values and align them with the company’s shared vision. Our customized self-leadership programs are created with the intention of helping our clients grow as individuals, co-workers, and a united organization. The programs and toolsare available on our digital platform,enabling people to remotely participate in our experience-based training sessions.

Build a Solis Culture

Every organization benefits from understanding its culture and its underlying drivers.
Culture is a result of each employee’s values, behaviors, and ways of working. Our approach to working on stronger culture and self-leadership is based on the science of individual value systems and finding ways to bridge personal values with the organization’s direction and culture. This approach is tightly linked with our self-leadership programs.

Why Participate in Our Programs?
  • Your company recently merged with another business, and there is a need to unite the different personal and cultural elements.
  • You are pursuing a new business strategy, and you need to adjust the goals and values to match this new direction.
  • You recently launched a brand with a new lineup and need support to activate the team from the inside out.
  • You want to develop and advance your managerial skills in order to execute the strategy.
  • To boost better collaboration within managers and teams, as well as between these critical groups.