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Founder of Delficon, whose passion is to build a happy working life.

“Today’s world demands new kinds of working life and leadership skills. When the common direction becomes clear, people end up happier, and results improve. As teleworking takes on an ever more prominent role, nurturing true dialogue has become even more important than before”

The founder of Delficon, Minnariikka, is known especially for her bold development approach and sensitivity to changing situations, which helps in finding solutions for even the most difficult of situations. More than 25 years of experience in the development of various organizations has created a solid foundation for building a more productive and meaningful working life, identifying a variety of management cultures and developing organizations. Close collaboration with international pioneer developers is valuable capital that helps in facilitating global coaching sessions.

Education and training

  • Master of Behavioural Science (KM)
  • Coach of Leaders and Supervisors training, 3 years
  • Training as instructor of functional methods, 3 years
  • Specialist in competence-based qualifications, 2 years
  • Certified issuer of feedback on EQ-i and WOPI measurements
  • Certified on ACE Capability evaluation
  • Work counsellor certified by Henry ry
  • Studies in organisational psychology at Aalto University
  • Partnership with Denison Organization Culture Development
  • Various international conferences
  • LEAN certification


  • Developing the management and leadership skills of expert organisations
  • Developing Management Team collaboration and stakeholder management
  • Strategic renewal and customer orientated development