Expert in handling demanding change situations and service business developer.

“A strong and distinctive corporate culture does not just emerge out of thin air. It is a conscious choice that guides management of the company and that enables both the implementation of the company’s strategy and customer success.”

During his career, Jussi has led a wide range of expert organizations in demanding transitional situations that have required the ability to implement change effectively and efficiently. With more than 15 years in management positions in the insurance industry and more than 10 years in the forest industry, he has both vision and experience, particularly in service business development, project management, risk management and effectiveness optimisation.


  • Organizational culture analyses and programs
  • Leading outcome-focused performance for success

During my career, I have been involved in leading various expert organizations during demanding periods of change which have required skill to implement changes effectively and efficiently. Over 15 years in leadership positions in insurance business and over 10 years in the field of forestry have given me a strong understanding of and experience in project leadership, risk management, developing customer service and improving productivity. Developing customer- focused strategies, renewing and strengthening processes and improving the quality of business activities were my main duties in Tapiola, where the increase in profits was tens of millions euros in 2010-2013.