Supervisor coaching

Erillisverkot has for long invested in development of the organisation. We have started a transition process due to quick reaction to changes in our business environment. We saw that our company culture and joined rules of working needed to be clarified in order to improve our internal and external co-operation. Our Management Team created a Road Map for the development and we have systematically followed those decisions. The content of the Road Map was crafted in a intense dialogue at the organisation. In that way we ensured that all the crucial aspect for our operations were discussed and developed.

We started to develop the co-operation and solid culture by analyzing together our working rules that are based on our company values. Based on the working rules we created management program focusing on these management principles, that are crafted jointly in company. Uusi Erve- “New Erve” – program ensures that every manager is able to communicate our strategy to his/her team. And also gets feedback of his/her management skills through different kinds of tools. Joint development is very much encouraged in our company by teamwork, also across different teams and fields.

“Methods are steered to support the desired culture. That will in its own speed up the cohesion, co-operation and the better knowledge of special fields know-how in the company”, explains Minnariikka Rajala, CEO of Delficon, the company that has been liable for the design of the development interventions for Erillisverkot.

“Erillisverkot develops continually its´ operations in the changing environment. We appreciate partner that is able to work with us long-term and responsibly. With Delficon we have developed and brightened our company culture and its´ essential building block: management skills and know-how. Our operations are focused on securing the safety of society, so we naturally need to have very committed and motivated staff in order to be able to generate top quality services”, says Timo Lehtimäki, CEO of Erillisverkot.

What was done

“Erillisverkot reacts actively to the changes and needs of environment by developing its´operations continually. We started a systematic journey to coherent operations taking into account with respect our operations special features. The first part of the change process was the specify our thesis for management. This work was done by every manager and most of the specialists in our company. The change of company culture was led with the coaching of the Management Team. Currently all our managers are in the coaching. Main point is that our strategy and the joint goal of company is perceived and understood in the daily work of every employee of Erillisverkot.

Important part of the coaching has also been the joint development of the company values. In that the core is that every employee understands his/hers own values on life. “We believe here in Erilisverkot that our value-based operations are enhanced best by first perceiving the personal values that guide everyone of us daily”, says Timo Lehtimäki about the development path of the company.

“It is very important to discuss development and cultural matters together in order to create joint understanding of the targets we are aiming at. Coaching has made it possible to clarify and find the core focus for the daily work”, explains Minnariikka Rajala from Delficon.

Results and benefits

It´s clearly visible that the organization is more committed after the coaching. Understanding of the specil know-how of different functions has grown and it has increased the overall co-operation of the company. Jointly agreed management principles and bringing company´s strategy to everyday work of every employee has been important part in creating more coherent company culture. In the coaching was also offered individual feedback sessions where participants learned to indentify their own strenghts. That enhanced also the self-determination of employees.

“Erillisverkot has a very motivating task as such – to ensure the security of Finland. It´s still very admirable that the organization is very committed to long-term development. In our coaching staff was very into taking organization forward. That was exprienced through carefull, thoroughfull and genuine participation to our work. It´s not possible to ensure nation´s safety if the empolyees don´t have a very strong attitude of responsibility. That has also been made visible in the joint path of change”, tells Minnariikka Rajala of the co-operation.


TIMO LEHTIMÄKI - CEO, Suomen Erillisverkot

Erillisverkot is a wholly state-owned special-purpose company. We secure the critical leadership and information society services in all circumstances. We provide secure and reliable ICT services for public authorities and other critical operators of national security – for those that ordinary service is not enough. Our services are extremely reliable and therefore we develop overall security and safety in society, and our operations affect nearly everyone in Finland. Our aim is to ensure that Finland is forerunner in the co-operation of security service providers.




"Things agreed in the coaching were concretized and connected to the daily work, so that the agreed things continued to develop even after the coaching."



"We got very deep into personal leadership skills, strengths and areas for development."



"The increase in managerial skills strengthened the participants' self-confidence, motivation and attachment to our company even more closely."



"Change was opened up to be made concrete. Supervisors were given the tools to take change forward."