Individual leadership coaching

Corporate responsibility and innovation are the bases of operations at Novartis. Leadership challenges stem from operating in a strongly regulated and turbulent market and from leading top experts. Antti Viitanen, Managing Director at Novartis Finland, leads through values, and believes strongly in creativity and in questioning traditional operational models. Delficon has supported Novartis in finding new points of view in the management trainings, combining management team training and individual coaching.

Antti Viitanen sees the development of the management team as a process that takes both internal and external challenges into account. The versatile expertise of the team members needs to be covered in the training, welding the team together into a group that trusts each other and utilizes everyone’s competences. Therefore, the process has to start from strategy and focus on stakeholder relations as well as internal leadership issues, such as group dynamics and leading different kinds of persons. Excellent leadership training covers the many roles of leadership.

What was done?

Delficon planned a process for the competent and experienced leaders at Novartis, starting from management team training, a personal 360° analysis and coaching. Additionally, the managing director and two other management team members continued with an individual coaching process to cristallize the use of their time and the focus of their activities in the continuously changing operational environment. In the trainings, leaders were able to validate their roles in the organisation and to review their activities for further improvement.

Results and benefits

The management team led by Antti Viitanen at Novartis Finland aims at openness and innovation. The goal is to utilize the particular strengths of each leader and to innovate new operational models. The training process has supported the development of both the team and the leaders as individuals, and supported a strong leadership in a changing business environment and challenging market situation.



The Swiss Novartis is one of the leading medical companies in the world. In Finland, the company is represented by Novartis Finland Oy with 155 employees. Novartis Finland Oy markets medical products and invests heavily in clinical research in Finland.


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Nokian Tyres

"Coaching brightened my own skills and helped shape and find new perspectives on how I was working."