Analysis and development of organizational culture

What was done

Delficon implemented the foundation for the development of corporate culture analysis. Leijona Catering has also renewed its strategy and is seeking growth also among the staff restaurants. Business culture analysis was implemented for all staff. “The research process and responding went smoothly.”

Results and benefits

The analysis gave an excellent picture of the current state of Leijona with its strengths and developmental points. Throughout the process, a lively and honest conversation about the current Leijona culture was a very useful one in the course of the results. We all shared a common vision of strengths and development goals, ” says Ritva Paavonsalo. Based on the results, no separate development program was launched. The results were included in the ongoing trainings and management trainings and next year’s action plans.


RITVA PAAVONSALO - CEO, Leijona Catering

“The corporate culture eats the strategy for lunch,” says Ritva Paavonsalo, Managing Director of Leijona Catering. Leo Catering employing 470 people is facing big changes. The business environment changes significantly as the services purchased by the Defense Forces are released to open competition.




"With the help of a coaching partner who knows culture and staff, personnel development has really changed operating models and built genuine renewal."

Alma Talent

Alma Talent

"We got clarity on working and on roles. In the management team work, we wanted to make sure we could preserve all the good from both companies and harmonize things."