Teamwork development

Now we have been in Shanghai for almost six years. Our management style is disciplined and tight. Here we have succeeded, “said Sami Lampinen, Managing Director of Inventure Oy, a Finnish venture capital company.

Going to China was a big step, a great risk, and demanded strict leadership. “We went through the plan every month with a strict discipline. Communication, team building, quick decisions and ongoing risk management, at the best.

What was done?

“Cooperation with Delficon was close in 2008 and 2009. With Delficon, we built teams and created team-working practices. Despite the geographic distances, the management system had to function smoothly. Successful teams which were fit to our management strategies also made our way to the Asian market possible”.

Results and benefits

Asia meant new growth and investment opportunities for Inventure. “In addition to our team’s motivation, the driver was the desire to change the whole industry! Finnish high tech and environmental technology know-how has a huge potential market in China. Huge land has passed by the Americans in energy consumption. Pressure to manage the environment creates a propitious opportunity also for small and medium-sized Finnish technology companies.



Almost ten years ago we believed that no technology start-up company will no longer be able to survive on the European market alone. “Reappearance of the early indicators would soon encourage Inventure to enter the Asian market. After Lehman Brothers crashed, we had very good successes in four portfolio companies in China.


Hill Audit

Hill Audit

"The members of the organization got to know each other more deeply, we created common rules and community developed."