Teamwork development

What was done

“During Delficon’s coaching, members of the organization got to know themselves more closely and to create common rules for all. The personality analyzes of the individuals guided the organization’s development process. Every member of the organization had a personal conversation with Minnariikka Rajala, “says Lauri Mäki. “Minnariikka Rajala has a really good attitude, he is a rock-solid professional.”

Results and benefits

“Our capital is the professional skill of the personnel. Our principle is that things are handled easily, quickly and timely. Our competitive edge is the efficiency that arises in a good working atmosphere, seamlessly working in teams. A happy expert is a top performer. We want to provide better quality, service, experience and security for our customers – to walk alongside. Everyone knows that in the auditing firm the Financial Statements delivery season is the most hectic time that requires our employees to seamlessly cooperate and strain without compromising the standards in quality and service. Yet I dare to raise the importance of work and leisure encounter.


LAURI MÄKI - CEO, Hill Audit

Developing a company’s business and recruiting of the key employees was seamlessly intertwined. Hill Audit Oy accelerates, grows and operations are expanding. A companion was needed to validate the direction of development. “We took Delficon to guide the process by which we deepened the team’s co-operation and mutual interaction. Thanks to the process, we even bravely changed the roles of our specialists to better serve the overall situation. Good job! “Says Lauri Mäki, Managing Director of over five years old Hill Audit company. Hill Audit is a limited liability company and an Authorized Public Accountants firm for audit and advisory services for mainly small and medium-sized companies. Delficon was found to be a partner through recommendations.




"In the new situation, we jointly structured the roles of team members and the ways we work together."